Monday, June 14, 2010

Oh Red Light, Oh Green Light....

Let Dan and Mb come out to play tonite!

After a refreshing catnap & some RedBull for Dan, we headed to the Dam Square to see the "New Church" and then headed to the Red Light District. Pics to follow. We found a semi-biker bar that was up to Dan's exquisite tastes, called The Excalibur. A mix of medieval times, hard rock and roll, and motorcycles. Supposedly owned by the Hell's Angels (doubt it!), we had a good time drinking Amstel Light and Heineken. Chatted with the bartender Mike after he had instructed 4 Americans (2 couples within our age range) on how to smoke a joint. Enough said. They were from Dallas and a hoot! Lots of sensi seeds stores and coffee shops (um....some didn't serve coffee...) and of course, the ladies of the red neon.)

Found the "Old Church" and then had dinner in one of many,and I mean, many Argentinian steak houses. Also had some patatje met (french fries with mayo) while walking the streets. mmmmm mmmmmm dee-lish!

The best part was seeing all the pubs and people dressed in orange for today's World Cup bout....Holland vs Denmark. Which (spoiler alert)....Holland won...2-0! hup hup hup hup hup!

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